The Greatest Wealth is Health!

Running a business is hard enough without a global pandemic. Now small business owners, senior leaders and managers have been left reeling in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether your business has closed or is still operating, it’s worth reading this article from Beyond Blue, with tips and strategies to help you through the toughest of times. 

It is really important to maintain a good sense of wellbeing in these tough times.  So if things seems overwhelming, you may need some assistance. Using the services of a Virtual Assistant can help you alleviate some of that business stress. Here are reasons why having a Virtual Assistant is good for your health and your overall well being.

There are a lot of moving pieces that have to be taken care of day in and day out. Then you have the stress of getting clients, and keeping them happy, whilst making sure that it remains profitable.

  • It is like having someone else to share the burdens of running your business with.
  • A VA is not your actual “employee” they are their own independent contractor.  You get the work completed without having to worry about all the things that come with employing staff.
  • A VA can tackle those things in your business that you always try to get to, or that you have been putting off.  You know you should do them, you know you want to do them, you just haven’t had the time.
  • Networking. VA’s most likely have other clients and contacts. This can be helpful when you have new projects, or tasks. If your VA can’t do the work themselves they probably know someone who can.
  • VA’s can be a great sounding board for new ideas.
  • Grow your business. VA’s can complete the day-to-day tasks so you are free to focus on actually growing your business and doing what you do best. Or you can task your VA with reaching out to new clients and contacts, or creating new project to help grow your business.

When you hire a good VA they become so much more than an assistant and become more of a Team Member! They can really help you take a deep breath and to charge of your business since you know someone else is there looking out for you!

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